What Parallels Does Poker Have With Investing ?

September 14, 2020

"Enlightenment" - A Lantern Financial Podcast featuring Mr. Keith Lanton, President of Lantern in Melville, New York. 

In this episode, Keith discusses a book entitled "The Biggest Bluff" By Maria Konnikova and the many parallels poker has with the financial markets, specifically investing.Keith focusses his commentary on chance, probability and control and how they may be applied to investing.

Keith shares some thoughts and insights into the financial markets with a busy week that will include commentary from the Federal Reserve, the status of interest rates,  and some potentially market moving economic events. In addition, he discusses the Presidential election, COVID-19, the race for a vaccine and the players involved. He also covers stocks making news and the program concludes with an in depth discussion of the bond market as Brad Harris, Director of Fixed Income, shares his many thoughts.
We hope you enjoy the show and share it with colleagues and friends.

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