Bond Investing

As a full-service broker-dealer with a fixed income securities foundation, we are proud to be a leading bond specialist in the U.S. We have been building a respected bond business since 1993, in addition to managing the assets and financial affairs of affluent individuals for more than a decade. Corporate, Government, Municipal bonds, and Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBSs) are included in our fixed income product mix. While there are many avenues to help preserve and grow wealth, we believe that fixed income plays a vital role in most portfolios.

Our bond team researches the appropriate bonds to generate income specifically for you. They strive to add value through careful bond selection and adjusting allocations as circumstances require.

Each bond portfolio is specifically tailored to the client. We evaluate risk tolerance, income requirements, tax issues and life goals among other things before investing. Our bond team is especially sensitive to clients’ life goals.

We believe that our passion for—and our love of—bond investing is the key driver that continues to elevate us, our clients and our advisors to higher levels of success.


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Lantern Wealth Advisors is an SEC registered Investment Advisor.

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